Racing Docs

Motorsports fans are buzzing about the new racing documentary on Paul Newman. Winning, The racing life of Paul Newman will have a widespread release on May 22nd, but in the mean time motorsports fans should check out; Sienna and 30 for 30 Tim Richmond: To the limit.

This title is currently available on Netflix. Check other VOD services for availability. This also had not theatrical release so there is no trailer.
Tim Richmond was an amazing driver with a incredibly tragic story. There is a whole generation of racing fans who may not know who he was or what happened to him. A naturally gifted wheel man, Tim Richmond almost faded from history. Like many top level drivers, he lived life with the same gusto as his on track driving. Had Richmond not died from AIDS in 1989, he was well on his way to being a NASCAR champion, a man who was not intimidated by the Intimidator. His story is worth the watch.

Bummer this was on Netflix instant, but its currently been rotated out, hopefully it returns. It is however available on Amazon prime and possibly some other VOD services.
Ayrton Senna is a Formula one legend, in stark contrast to Tim Richmond, time has not forgotten Senna. The documentary is a thing of beauty. Constructed entirely from archival footage Senna puts you in the moment. The most important thing to keep in mind when watching the film is that there are no on camera interviews. It’s a total departure from standard documentary film making. There are voice overs, but without breaking away from archival footage it keeps you fully engrossed in Senna’s life story.

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