Scaled Project Cars


Scale model building is another interest here at Raced In Anger. New England winters are long, cold, and dark. Unless you have the luxury of a heated garage, working on a project car can be unpleasant and if your car isn’t waiting on repairs. It’s probably tucked away for winter storage. Scale model building is great way to enjoy cars even in the off season. It may even become something you do year round, but using winter as an excuse to start isn’t a bad idea.


Scale model building allows us the thrill of owning and building many different vehicles while comfortably being indoors during these cold months. There is an almost unlimited amount of choices in 1/24 scale subject matter. Race cars, Rally cars, Drag cars, Classic cars, American, JDM, EDM. Kits are a blank canvas for imagination, build them box stock or totally customized and any where in between.

Finished decals For the Toshi Arai WRC car

The goal is to make Scaled Project Cars a spin off of Raced In Anger. I’ll will posting more builds and tutorials in the future along with coverage of 1:1 cars.

I'm no Mangus Walker but this Tamiya 930 911 turbo came out pretty nice.<a

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