Masstuning Underground Meet December 27, 2014


Masstuning events have become immensely popular over the past few seasons, because for many years the Boston area has lacked decent all inclusive car meets/shows. The response to these shows can be simply overwhelming at times and it’s amazing how many enthusiasts there are in New England. For the Masstuning Underground meet, unseasonably warm weather and a lack of road salt brought out normally hibernating enthusiasts to the last event of 2014. It’s awesome to see a group of enthusiasts put these events together for other enthusiasts.

The majority of attendees are respectful and grateful to the organizers, but there are a number folks who can’t seem to handle themselves at a car meet. It’s so simple and it really shouldn’t have to be said, but “show respect, get respect”. The Masstuning organizers asked everyone to follow some simple rules. Just fucking, be cool. Don’t fuck this up for everyone.

Disclaimer: I made it into the meet at around 4:30, I left around 7 because it was unclear if more cars where going to come in. It is what it is, after reviewing some instagram feeds I missed out on some great cars. I’ll do my best in the future to capture more cars.





Full flickr gallery

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