Japanese Car Day 2014

Japanese car day is one of many lawn events held at the Larz Anderson Auto museum in Brookline, Massachusetts. Every year the Larz Anderson museum holds 10-15 lawn events on it’s grounds for varying marques and genres of automobiles during the summer. This year Japanese car day fell in mid-October, which can be a dicey proposition for fickle New England weather. Luckily, for the J-tin enthusiasts of New England, the weather stayed dry, sunny and cool.

The Japanese car day lawn event has grown in popularity over the past few years, with 2014 being the most well attended so far. In a region well known for destroying J-tin with harsh road salt. The cars that show up are often a surprise, you never know what you might see, in years past there has been mint condition survivor cars that had spent years in local storage or now more west coast cars and JDM imports are popping up at Japanese Car day. New England enthusiasts are doing their best to find quality cars to preserve and it shows at Japanese car day.
It wasn’t all classic j-tin on display, because this show doesn’t have a year cut off, you’ll find plenty of late model motors too. However, once you waded through some of the newer models there was some classic j-tin gems to be ogled parked on the lawn. It’s a strong indication that the J-tin movement is taking hold in New England and will only continue to grow.









Fully gallery here



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