Import and Kit Car Nationals at Carlisle


About a month ago I attended the Imports and Kit Car Nationals in Carlisle Pennsylvania. It’s one of the largest import car shows on the East Coast. If your interests lie with Swedish, French and German automobiles. This is a show for you. While some Japanese makes where present. The European marks especially the Swedes where in heavy attendance. While I’m told the size of the show was down from last year. I still felt the quality and variety of automobiles was fantastic. It was refreshing to get out of New England and see some different cars that I don’t see on a regular basis.

Super clean black 914

Audi was well represented with multiple Quattro coupes, 4ks and some UrS cars.

Check out this Rally style Opel

This was a fantastic looking Saab.

The future is in the past with these Citroen’s

Tidy looking Dastun 240

This was a fun looking 242 Volvo

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